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CMA aircraft are available for flight training, building flight time, or for those fun cross country trips with your friends and loved ones. How about a weekend get away to any of a number of local and not so local vacation or holiday locations? We make it easy at CMA. Choose from a Cessna 150 or a Piper Warrior to fill your rental needs. Pilots will need to have approval from a CMA instructor prior to renting an airplane on their own. To obtain an approval, you will need to bring in a current medical, appropriate pilot certificate & endorsements for the type of plane you wish to fly. You will then need to take a check ride. You will find our instructors friendly and helpful. Our aim is to insure your familiarity and safety with each type of aircraft. Give us a call today at 573.443.1577 to check pricing and availability.



Central Missouri Aviation

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Hours: M-F 5:00 AM to Midnight / Sat and Sun 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM
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